The music industry is forever evolving and so are many of its key players, the artists and musicians that keep it ticking. The Metropolitan Washington D.C. (DMV) area is a hot bed of talent. Included in this local artistic movement is the renowned powerhouse group, Pink PaLiSh!  Who is Pink PaLiSh you ask? A dynamic Funk and Soul trio, made up of three extremely talented singers: Pam Ward (“Pa”), Alisha Glover (“Li”) and Shang (“Sh”). This extremely diverse ensemble never ceases to turn heads with their larger-than-life vocals.

What makes Pink PaLiSh such an exceptional group is that each member has an established career and fan base, shining in the roles of solo artist, actress, songwriter, band member, author, poet, musician and much more! Lending to the appeal of this fusion of sexy divas are their rock solid friendships.

As the music drops during any Pink PaLiSh performance, an overwhelming burst of anticipation and excitement overcomes audiences. And when their flawlessly harmonized sound, backed by the intense

beats and rhythms, inundates the venue, the crowd automatically stands to their feet. There is no stopping the rocking crowds who embrace the group’s many selections, which span from Funk, Soul and R&B to Pop and Spiritual music. Pink PaLiSh desires to create perfect music, which entertains and motivates their fans. While the group certainly has a musical niche for Funk and Soul, they are open to performing all genre of music.

In the Spring of 2018, Pink PaLiSh released their debt original single, “Do What I Gotta Do”, which is available on all major digital media outlets. The song has gained quick momentum, as it spins over the airwaves around the world.

The beautiful thing about Pink PaLiSh is that the group is void of egos. All of the members share the spotlight, regularly rotating from singing lead to background vocalist. Each time these ladies hit the stage, you must be prepared to be thoroughly entertained by the magical power, harmony, class and beauty of Pink PaLiSh.


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